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I had always disliked selfies. Until I heard for the first time last summer my dear comrade-friend Tasha Spillett describe them as acts of resistance against the continued, 500+years-long erasure of indigenous, black, and brown bodies. Selfies as strategic land-based, political statements affirm our presence and belonging in our own homelands. We are still here, despite everything imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy has done to try to prevent us from surviving and thriving. Despite everything they have done to try to make us hate our own bodies and forget the power of our origin stories. 

I thank her and honor her for sharing the gift of this perspective, because it allows me to travel further in this life-long work of “self-love” in the digital age in a way that centers land, ancestry, and relationality rather than ego and popularity. It allows me to move further away from body shame and embrace body adornment as a heart-centered, land-centered sensual practice – a practice of pleasure activism, à la Adrienne Maree Brown (love you sister 💕).

So I’m happy to take guilt-free selfies, in guilt-free make-up (mahalo nui Simone Weber for showing me the @glossier way 💋: boy brow in black, concealer in dark, balm dotcom / super comfy organic cotton sweatshop-free sweater, thanks to @alternativeapparel) and no longer hate my freckles, my eyes, my cheeks, my skin color, my hair – because I can see my family members radiant in my own body, thousands of years of births, deaths, and rebirths from the Mississippi River delta, the Appalachian mountains, the Derryveagh mountains, the Apennine mountains, Donegal bay, the Nedre Norrland, the Sahara and the Sahel – extended through the mesas, the plains, the Koʻolau and Waiʻanae mounatin ranges, Mauna a Wākea, and the Pacific Ocean. It is my humbling privilege to carry them, their work, and their territories in my bones.

#reclaimyourpower #wearestillhere #decolonizeyourbeauty #shameless#undeuxtrois #strongresilientindigenous #blackgirlmagic #desertmoon#glossier #nonbinary #blacklivesmatter #nativelivesmatter #kuleana#alohaaina #kukiaimauna #resistance #pleasureactivism #fucktrump



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