Today is the seventh consecutive day of nothing but grey skies and rain on O`ahu. This began on Monday after a construction crew and archaeologists entered the burial grounds at Kawaiaha`o Church. They agreed not to dig while a ho`oponopono meeting was held, but it seems to me that their presence and intent that day stirred something serious.

I stopped checking the weather reports years ago, and very rarely has it even caused any regret on my part outside of discomfort over a forgotten sweater. From my view, the rain now is a response of the iwi kupuna to the hewa going on at Kawaiaha`o Church, a response that attests to the severity of what is at steak in this particular desecration (i.e. the precedent that will be set by a so-called Hawaiian church desecrating its own peoples’ graves), and perhaps even a cry of solidarity with the sisters and brothers in Glen Cove, Turtle Island who are fighting for their ancestors too.

Someone else might say to me, “Of course it’s raining – the weather forcast says it’ll rain for another five days.” And after hearing words to that effect yesterday, it occurred to me that the old ways of weather forcasting and the interpretation of signs in the weather was a much more intelligent way of dealing with the world. A brilliant antidote to self-destruction. When a particular moon, or sun, or rain appeared in an ominous way, it prompted people to look at what was wrong within their communities or within themselves that required correction. It kept human beings aware and sensitive to their responsibility to maintain natural balances. When humans “own” the world, rule it with their barometers and seismographs, they stop paying attention to the signs. They stop listening to the ancestors calling or the earth calling or our floral and faunal relatives calling. It’s just another day. Pack an umbrella. Church in the morning.


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